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Iridium SIM Recharge

In order to recharge an existing Iridium SIM card, you must:

  1. Have a current FSC SIM card; we can not recharge other service provider’s SIM cards.
  2. The SIM card must not be completely expired. Iridium SIM cards have a 90 day grace period after expiry date. You will need to order a new SIM card if your account has been expired for more than 90 days past the expiry date. If you attempt to charge an expired card you will incur fees up to 5% of your attempted transaction.

What's the status of my SIM card?
Expired Account?
If your Iridium SIM card is already expired you may see a message on the Iridium phone display screen that says “Emergency Calls Only” or “Invalid Account.”
If your card is unknowingly expired at time of order, a FSC representative will contact you to inform you of your recharge/payment options.

Not Expired Account
If your account has not hit its expiry date, minutes roll-over from previous term to your new term when you renew.
NOTE: SIM Recharge orders are processed Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Arizona Standard Time.  Orders placed outside these hours will be processed the following business day.
Simply dial 2888 from your Iridium satellite phone to check the status of your prepaid SIM card, including the date it will expire and how many minutes are left on the card.
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