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Two-Stage Dialing

The Iridium two-stage dialing service allows callers to dial your Iridium phone from anywhere by calling into an Arizona (480-768-2500) area code number and entering your Iridium phone number. Usually the incoming call is paid for by the caller. With Iridium two-stage dialing, the call is routed to your Iridium handset, and thus the Iridium subscriber is now responsible for the cost of the call.

This solves the problem of some telephone carriers not accessing the 881 country code.

Iridium postpaid monthly plans:

$1.60 per incoming minute

Iridium prepaid plans:

Minutes are debited at the normal minute rate.

With Iridium two-stage dialing, the cost to the caller is only a regular long-distance or international phone call to Arizona, which is often much less expensive than Iridium rates charged by long-distance carriers. Remember, if the caller dials your Iridium phone number directly, there is no cost to you for the incoming call.

Current customers can call or e-mail the FSC headquarters for your call-in number. Be sure to have your Iridium phone number ready. Please feel free to contact us.

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